About Canary

Canary wafer is the most delicious dessert and Snack at the same time


Wafer Experts Since 1979

For 40 years, we have worked with dedication, sincerity, love, and respect for our brand, which has been met with love by millions of local customers both inside and outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Mr. Jiries Qumsieh founded Canary Confectionery Factory in early 1979 in Al-Quwaysimah, Jordan, with extremely limited capabilities and equipment; Where almost all processes were done manually to produce the first 12 packs of wafer biscuits, which were a resounding success, especially the stuffed wafer with premium cocoa cream. The success and development plans continued by accquiring modern machines and ovens, to produce larger quantities that adhere to the highest quality standards. The famous brand name "Canary" was chosen in 1981, and it has since become a prestigious name associated with great taste and beautiful memories ever since. Canary Food Industries is a loyal national company since its first day in the Jordanian market, and as a result, Canary was one of the first companies to set foot in Sahab Industrial City in 1984.  


The premium product Choco 25gm was launched in 1989, and it was met with great success and acceptance by customers at the time. Moreover, this product has earned more than 80% of the market. The factory was then expanded in collaboration with major Italian and German companies to achieve higher production capacity, and a wider range of product weights and sizes.


Global presence of Canary on the world map

By the year 2000, Canary products had crossed Jordanian borders and established a strong presence in (Iraq - Lebanon - Saudi Arabia - Libya - Kuwait - Syria - Yemen - Egypt - Palestine - America - Sweden - Holland). Canary products with their various flavors then took over the shelves of hypermarkets and supermarkets in many countries. At this point, Canary has proved its compliance with export specifications and international food safety standards. Canary Company holds the ISO 22000 international quality certification, the most significant in the food sector, which includes HACCP certification for food safety and GMP certification of the Good Manufacturing Practices system.


New flavors for the original taste of delicious crispy wafer lovers

The journey of inventing new flavors began in 1985; then new flavors and sizes were produced in 2008 again, following additional research and development to improve the taste and packaging of the biscuits. The first product was the mini biscuit 34g, which was the best seller and the best choice for adults and children till this very moment. Canary recently released the latest flavors of happiness (strawberry and hazelnut) in a 65gm package.

100% vegetable ingredients for a healthier lifestyle.

Being a vegetarian shouldn't limit you or stop you from enjoying a good snack and cutting it off completely. One of the most significant competitive advantages that Canary biscuits have over others is that it's a vegan product with no animal ingredients such as milk, eggs, fats, or proteins. As a result, it's a light and tasty biscuit suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Vegetarians who want to enjoy some snacks can choose from a wide range of flavors. This is what set it apart from the competition and brought it to the top of the market.

Canary wafer

Great irresistible taste that brings back nostalgia and will last a lifetime.

More delicious cocoa , hazelnut or strawberry cream filling between layers of crisp wafer flakes, that make you with every bite a harmony in the world of magic and joy.

 Mr. Jiries Qumsieh has dreamed of this product lasting for years and keeping up with the desires of each era, to be inherited by successive generations of the family who share the same passion for producing the original taste of the wafer. While preserving the magical recipe, which has been passed down through family members, consumers chose Canary over other biscuits.

Factory space is already being expanded with each new expansion phase that necessitates it, so machines and ovens are being modernized to increase production efficiency, particularly after the export decision. As a result, the number of internal departments in the company is growing, with the R&D Department rising to the top of the list, allowing us to maintain the entity and brand in a highly competitive market. In addition to, the numerous efficient departments such as production, marketing, sales, international relations, and human resources. It is worth noting that much of the credit goes to our employees, who have been the foundation of the company for decades.